A creative tithe is when a community supports an artist's practice

and the work made is given as a gift.

Your ongoing support does a few things: It covers the artwork I make so it can be gifted to others, it supports a chunk of my living expenses at this stage in my family's life, it pays (non-creative tithing) collaborators, and sustains my role in the projects I produce. It also covers my time working as a facilitator of the Neighborhood Art School. 

   Billy's Community of Support



I ask for your support knowing that many of you are artists like myself who are trying to figure out how to stay true to what we were made to do. And so I ask humbly without expecting anything. It is my hope that those that feel called to walk with me in these ways will know it clearly. 


I also ask knowing that many of you do not consider yourself an artist.  For you, maybe the dynamics of an artist's practice are unfamiliar. To you, I also ask for your support without expecting anything. I realize that it requires a leap of faith on your part because, frankly, the way that my art comes about is pretty unpredictable. But if creative tithing to my practice and to other artists can be life-giving, challenging, and joyful for all involved, I can think of few things more gratifying than the art that will flow freely from that place.

thank you.

$20 supporters: 5/150


I creative tithe because I give a portion of my tithe to other artist’s practice and it is a source of joy. I creative tithe because a friend gifted me a work, and although it was hard for me to receive it, I did, and I am moved by that little piece on a daily basis. I creative tithe because there's something spiritual at play in giving and receiving art. I creative tithe because there are so many voices in this world that don't get play because they don't know how to speak grant or art talk, or play the game, or aren't gifted at self-promotion and I believe when more communities support artists in this way, our world will be richer. I creative tithe because I need help to make things. I creative tithe because i believe everything comes from God and goes to God, and to create is a gift.



The montlhy gift of $20 is obviously helpful to my practice. But below are a couple of community projects that I am involved in that could use specific financial support. 


My artwork often has a collaborative dimension to it. Stay tuned, and let me know if you're down to participate in or shape a piece. The community-based art stuff I'm involved in is always looking for people who want to teach, inspire, and share their craft with those who want to learn.


Right now, most of the space needs would be a matter of setting up a place for me to come to visit and perform/share. As my practice is covered via creative tithing, it would be a matter of us connecting, discerning, and covering travel costs.


Material needs at this point, are mostly related to the equipment needed for Neighborhood Art School. 


These are projects that overlap with my practice. I'm usually in a producer or facilitator role. My participation in the project is covered by creative tithing and any money, materials, and space donated at this point go directly to these projects. Most of these projects have ways to donate money via a 501c3 fiscal sponsor.


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Art School

Place-Based Art Education 


Annual Detroit Solo Theater Festival. Produced by Jessica Care Moore and Billy Mark.