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Sometimes 4

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

(photo forwarded from Instagram)

Sometimes she’s our teacher, sometimes she’s our friend

Sometimes the LED headlights of a semi quiver from behind us like the beams of a police car 

Sometimes we recall leaving our friends home after a debate on optimism and pessimism 

and are followed by a police car 

Sometimes we wonder if something's going to happen and how embarrassed we would be if shit went down.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do now and it shows

Sometimes our partners bear our darkness as long as they can

Sometimes they can’t.

Sometimes we trespass onto our alma mater that taught us to trespass and perform a poem where are we repeat the phrase "all life matters" with every intention that we can.

Sometimes we look at our beautiful friend's faces and know how much our poems could hurt them

Sometimes everything is a prayer

Sometimes we are the president of a university walking through the streets of our neighborhood at night wondering how things can change

Sometimes our family loves us whether or not the art project that we have in store for them is tech-ready.

Sometimes the air is thin

Sometimes you have to love even when it makes things weird.

Sometimes we leave the lights on too long in Arizona and the dam releases more water to generate more power and the water levels rise in the 300 miles of the Grand Canyon and the sand along the water, the sand the tourists camp on, the sand that pays the bills, wears away.

Sometimes the dam purposefully releases an extreme amount of water to pull sand from the riverbed and deposit it on the land along the water where tourists camp.

Sometimes it's not our thing.

Sometimes it’s not our thing, but we can help.

Sometimes the Spirit of the Lord grabs hold of us. 

Sometimes the book is telling our story.

Sometimes we don’t want to wear this suit.

Sometimes our worship is queer.

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