• Billy Mark

Sometimes 2

(photo by Idris Morales)

Sometimes we remember being family

Sometimes we are being prepared. 

Sometimes a daughter of the city of the Left fills us with so much love we are overcome with gifts trees the idea of oils rocks handmade patios sanctuary sons kisses the color orange maps furniture trees that must be killed in order to make new life and something more

Sometimes everything is always connected

Sometimes when troubleshooting tech everything feels connected In a bad way

Sometimes exit 31C is filled with sunlight

Sometimes we just need to go into the backyard and move rocks

Sometimes we watch the city from a hill and hear a woman in the distance singing in Spanish from her pelvic floor

Sometimes the fireworks go all night

Sometimes we can’t sleep

Sometimes a man hangs from the pico traffic light loses his grip and falls to the celebration of the crowd

Sometimes our mom’s boyfriend debates with his friend whether or not Adolf is a proper or appropriate name.

Sometimes our mom’s boyfriend has known  a black boy named Adolf who was mistreated because of his name. 

Sometimes Adolf had black republican leanings. 

Sometimes Adolf got beat up. 

Sometimes it's because of our name. 

Sometimes it's because of our parents.

Sometimes we have a dream about Hitler loving a fish at a breakfast party and need to create a digital painting and performance to express it to your mom’s boyfriend and his friend.

Sometimes each car in traffic slows down and we can see one life (hidden in metal) passing after another.

Sometimes in order to show commitment to our group we need to kill at least one white person

Sometimes in the field before the folded hills of the Grapevine there’s only one black cow

In all that gold.

Sometimes the desire to control something beautiful is so strong that we have to let it go so much that it hurts and is wonderful

Sometimes the hills come back to you

Sometimes you have to let go of your foster child and not call and not ask the mother when the next time you’ll meet will be

Sometimes you live together

Sometimes the water spreads your hair

Sometimes the water covers your face

Sometimes you hear a voice

Sometimes it says in your voice this is not for me

Sometimes you say I don’t want to leave

Sometimes the voice says you don’t have to

Sometimes the work is after the work

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