• Billy Mark

Sometimes 1

Sometimes we try to re-create a feeling that will last forever

Sometimes our mother-in-law receives an American flag in the mail from Amazon by mistake and we take it and hang it in our house

Sometimes we talk to ourselves in traffic

Sometimes LA gets browner each time we visit.

Sometimes when we’re painting we name the painting and aren’t satisfied but we don’t know whether it’s the name or the painting

Sometimes we cover our mistakes with paint and rename the painting deleted

Sometimes we hit the gas when someone puts on their blinkers

Sometimes it’s time to receive the gift of a book called Afro-pessimism that we’ve debated with only knowing the name of the book.

Sometimes we meet the author and are excited to connect on the ideas, and we share our thoughts, and he’s like “Aww naw, that’s not point.”

Sometimes we break down the Starbucks

Sometimes we get a grande green tea matcha latte hot and pay $4.72 

Sometimes we find love and there is a pool in the backyard

Sometimes hugging is life-threatening, but we do it anyway

Sometimes we are a bubble whose surface is translucent tenuous and filled with pink and teal clouds

Sometimes the bubble is bursting in slow motion eternal expansion 

Sometimes we say yes to an ever-present unconditional love

Sometimes the gift is a copper ball heavy and rolling towards the center of our palm

Sometimes we don’t know why we received a gift but its question fills us with happy longing 

Sometimes we descend into the smog of the city and we feel the fangs emerge from our gums and we weep with rage at Tech and the Left and why how we make cities.

Sometimes our 40’s are the beginning of the most stable time in our lives.

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