• Billy Mark

Making A Living Off of Our Work?

So many of us artists want to "make a living off of our work." On the surface, this goal makes sense and it even works for a few fortunate creators. However, when you look at the number of how few artists are served by the structure of selling work in the market, we realize that the model is deeply flawed. But somehow, even though it doesn't work for the vast majority, the trajectory of the model remains in place and shapes the creativity of all who work within it.

As artists, we keep making, because that's what we do. And if we stick with it, we may even make great work. But if we take, even a small pause from the inherited grind, we gain a little perspective, and a question slowly emerges:

What type of value, and how much of this value, is lost when we create for standards set by the market? How can this value be regained, circulated, and increased?

Creative tithing is a practice that is helping us begin to access these hidden depths and voices obscured by the trajectory of the market.

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