Creative Tithing Cohort

The creative tithing cohort is a small group of artists who have committed to support each other in the process of creative tithing. The cohort offers creative and spiritual accountability, advocates, and serves as an ongoing reminder that life extends far beyond our own work. At this point, we recommend that other people looking to creative tithe find a small group to grow with. We've been in this group together for more than a year, and I for one, am better for it. I look forward to seeing how these artist's fluid practices develop and support our community over time.

I have the honor to be in this small group with my wife Sarah, whose work and vision for what clothing design and art can be, and how the body relates to the art of fabric, continues to blow me away. I'm deeply inspired by the clarity of her vision for teaching clothing design to young people in our neighborhood. 

I'm also excited and honored to be in this cohort with Stefanie Cohen and Corey Gearhart. They are incredible curators with a wide inclusive vision of what performance can be. I have seen Stefanie touch the practices of so many artists with her somatic classes. She has been invested in the study of the creative and healing body for such a long time and her work is so vital now as many of us are waking up to the fact that we actually have bodies. And finally, their performance art is honest, brilliant, compelling, and deeply influential to my own work.


Artists Stefanie Cohen and Corey Gearhart (working formerly under the collective alias “Upended Teacups”) have been merging, embracing, disrupting, fragmenting and mending our backgrounds, educations, and decades of training in performance art, theatre, dance, somatics, sculpture, writing, drawing, and so on, since 2010. Over this past decade we have presented our performance works and site-specific installations — exploring the inner lives and fantasy worlds of everyday objects and activities. We teach workshops in somatic movement and devised performance in studios, festivals, and academic institutions; and curate performance through our space, Light Box in Detroit. As we continue on as collaborators in 2020 and beyond, making our work together under our very own names: “Stefanie Cohen and Corey Gearhart” we’re excited to see the possibilities this will bring!

Stefanie and Corey's Creative Tithing Site


Sarah Mark received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Seattle Pacific University, where she majored in Clothing and Textiles and minored in art. She also received an Associates degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for fashion design. She spent the first decade of her career in Los Angeles, CA, designing women's high fashion sportswear. Since moving to Detroit in 2012, she has expanded her love for fibers into new areas including fine art, installation, and clothing design. Her dedication to ethical design informs her work as she uses almost entirely repurposed materials. She is inspired by the ethereal intricacies found in nature as well as the colors, textures, and tribal symbols discovered in her travels throughout Africa and Asia. She is currently rediscovering her love for fashion design by investigating what it means for an installation to become alive on the human form.


I am a fiber artist and fashion designer who is inspired by the colors, textures, shapes and patterns found in nature and in various cultural expressions found around the world. My spiritual practice of prayer and studying sacred text are an important part of my process as well as inspiration. My work is also heavily influenced by my practice of re-purposing materials. The work is slow and is a contemplative practice for me to renew my mind, slow down, dream, pray, and listen. I am interested in how art can become alive on the human form and I am honored when I get to witness a person's inner transformation as they put on a garment that makes them feel beautiful and alive.

(photo of "Withering Glory". model: Mahogany Jones)

Sarah's Creative Tithing Site